Since our launch we have produced five short films and two animations, bringing our members’ scripts to life in collaboration with local film and animation companies.

48 Hour Film Challenges

What Writers’ Block members can do in 48 hours. The Woman who Loved a Tree was the winner of Best Film, Be Writer, Best Director, Best Actress, Audience Award for Best Film, and special mentions for best music and best actor at the 48 Hour Film Project in Newcastle 2010. Go team!

Made in 48 hours for the 48 Go Green Challenge 2011.

Written & directed in 48 hours by James Harris & Laura Degnan, & performed, improvised & composed by Writers’ Block members.

Writers’ Block in Collaboration with Company TSU

Writers’ Block created a series of films to play as part of ‘Benjamin Likely’s Palace of Varieties’, a show produced in association with Company TSU and performed at The Empire in April 2011. Here’s one of them…

A short film made by Writers’ Block for Company TSU’s Benjamin Likely’s Palace of Varieties show in April 2011.

Concept of Christmas

In November 2010 we ran a competition in conjunction with Teesside University and the Institute of Digital Innovation to find 90 second Christmas scripts. Writers’ Block produced films from the two winning scripts.

Written and performed by Linda Mace Michalik. A Writers’ Block Concept of Christmas competition winner.

Written and performed by Tim Marshall. A Writers’ Block Concept of Christmas competition winner.


Sketchmas was a brand new sketch show entirely devised, written and
performed by the members of Arc’s Performance Group, who worked with award-winning writer/director team Laura
Degnan and James Harris to produce this hilarious show. These two films were made to promote Sketchmas.

Performed by Tim Marshall.

Performed by Danielle Boucher.

Puppet Parodies

Entrants were asked to parody a film, book or TV show, and winning entrants saw their characters brought to life by prop maker Russel Watson; sculptors and painters John Strange, Rosie Codling and Zoe Robinson; costume designer Becki Arly; and shadow puppeteer Tom Walton.

Written by Ian Todd, music by Lee Henman, DOP Alex Kay, voices by James Harris, Tim Gristwood and Laura Degnan.

Written by Mark Harrison, music by Lee Henman, DOP Alex Kay, voices by James Harris, Tim Gristwood and Mark Harrison.
Written by Scott Young, music by Lee Henman, DOP Richard Lehman, voices by Tom Walton, James Harris, Scott Young and Terry Wilkinson.

Monster Animations

In July 2010 we ran a competition to find 2 x 1 minute scripts featuring ‘monsters’. Production company Kumo Project animated the winning entries.

Written by our ‘Monster Movie’ winner David Stringer and directed and animated by Jay from the Kumo Project. Music by Kris Makuch.

Written by our ‘Monster Movie’ winner Tony Galuidi and animated by Fran Coles from the Kumo Project. Music by Kris Makuch.

Flip for the Boro Entries

On 7th November 2010 five teams competed in a four hour film challenge. Each team was led by a writer/director and given two actors, a prop, and a Middlesbrough location. At the same time a musician working with each group generated a new piece of music, which they played over the film at the evening screening event. Here are the results…

Made by Tom Marshall, Carmen Thompson, Nicola Cameron, Bob Fischer, Ben Jewell, Stephen Bishop and Peter Suttron.

Made by James Harris, Bill Fellows, Jennifer Nelson, Ben Klimmek, Sarah Gaunt, Kassim Ali and Ron Everett. Music by Oli Heffernan.

Made by AJ Garrett, Tim Marshall, Alex Kinsey, Chris Stewart, Karl Keenan and Shaun Elliot. Music by Tim Marshall.

Behind the Scenes at Writers’ Block

Workshops have included a fast filmmaking challenge led by filmmaker Marc Price, ‘Make a Film in an Hour’ and do-it-yourself animation. Here an insight into what you MIGHT get up to at Writers’ Block.

We’re going to write and produce a superhero feature film as a community. This session: writing the perfect trailer. Want to join us? See ‘Workshops’ for details!

Marc Price, director of low-fi horror smash Colin, led a workshop at Writers’ Block on the 3rd of September 2010 and he brought his Canon 7d with him – this was written

Made as part of a slightly odd Writers’ Block workshop…

July 2nd, 4.15pm, Seven participants gather in a bar with a camera and no ideas prepared. 5.15pm, they leave with this film. Hope you like it!

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