Making It Look Accidental

‘Making It Look Accidental’ (MILA) is a satirical Art-Zine, which looks at life, art and Teesside culture from the perspective of two, somewhat jaded, ex art-students. Funny, sad, touching, amazing, awesome, a bit odd and confusing are only nine of the words which have been used to describe MILA. Each issue includes reviews, interviews, art, cartoons, comics and articles written by the terminally mad that no one would ever dream of publishing. But we have anyway. We don’t really know any better.

So far, we’ve covered CCTV cameras, alot of pigeons, robots, indies, monsters, sloths, lolcats, trolleys, art made from bits of hair and teeth, abusive toilet rolls, rubbish super heroes, the dangers of street crocodiles.

In the coming issues we hope to become more of a platform for Teesside Artists/students/writers to showcase their work, so if you want to contribute, or have an exhibition/subject you’d like us to mention, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Making it Look Accidental Issue #1
In issue one we take a look at the underground art scene in Teesside by sarcastically reviewing an exhibition in London. We also attend an exhibition in Middlesbrough, insult the council, broach sensitive emotional/moral issues using toilet rolls with faces drawn on and interview Artist Donna George about her sculptures made from human hair and teeth.

Making it Look Accidental Issue #2
This issue we apologise for the last issue, explore domestic violence from the perspective of a parakeet, find out what our tortured writer has been up to all summer, continue our comic The Adventures of Captain CCTV Camera and interview writer/director/funny person James Harris (of Story of Grass fame)
Oh and art, we include some art.