I’m Afraid of Everyone

I’m Afraid of Everyone is an eclectic blend of prose and verse with a shared intention: to spread humour and fear and equal measure.

Volume II has a very different look and make up to Volume I. We put a call out for contributions and have been humbled by the quality of what we received. For you dear reader, this means a glut of northern talent spanning the region from York to Newcastle and filling twenty-nine whole pages.

We have verse from Tim Marshall, Steven Gaythorpe and Robbie Lee Hurst, 50-word stories from John Chadwick, short stories and prose of varying levels of bizarreness from Michael Hann, Tim Marshall, Jo Colley, James Harris, Steve Urwin, Ian Todd and Christopher Nosnibor as well as a two part graphic tale from John Louis Higgins.

The zine is produced by the King Ink Collective.

Michael has been writing short stories for a good while and released Volume I of I’m Afraid of Everyone earlier this year to great reviews in The Crack and Narc. He is currently working on his first novel.

John Chadwick is a talented artist, animator and writer who did the art work for Volume I. John is also working on a novel at the moment.

Tim Marshall is a writer and film maker who joined Michael and John to work on Volume II. He has made two films to accompany King Ink short stories, and is working on more (but no novel).

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