Garrett & Agar’s ‘Estelle’ is an underground comic in zine form created by Teesside based artists Alyson Agar and AJ Garrett. The first volume is 36 pages long and is the story of a newspaper cartoonist who lives in a seedy apartment building populated with vaguely familiar inhabitants, and has been drawing the same comic strip for 75 years to little acclaim. Her life is eventually altered when she is given a toy computer that turns out to be haunted by an ancient – and unpredictable – spirit.

Estelle is created without the aid of computers using pen, ink, scissors, coffee and photocopiers.

Estelle can be obtained online from from Howl shop in Middlesbrough and from Travelling Man in Newcastle.
You can find the zine on facebook (Garrett & Agar’s Estelle) and Twitter (