Let’s Make a Film

Location: Writers’ Block
Date: Saturday, 2nd April 2011
Duration: 6-9pm
Price: £3 inc. refreshments (pay on the door)

This week we’re going to start bringing ALL of our brilliant ideas together to structure a 90-minute film, with particular emphasis on the first ten pages. We’ll start to see what’s going to work as part of the film – and the bits that we’ll have to sift off and turn into a series of brilliant shorts! So keep the ideas coming everybody…

This week we’ll cover:

  • The inciting incident
  • Hooking an audience
  • The protagonist’s quest
  • Introducing the theme

We’re going to write and produce a feature-length film as a creative community – well, we’re going to give it our best shot, anyway…

To get involved, to participate in brainstorming and storylining sessions, and to write as part of a collective – join up now!

And if you’re an actor, a filmmaker, a photographer, a musician, a make-up/costume/set designer, or in fact anybody with any talent you think might come in useful, please do add your name too. Because we’ll definitely need you further down the line…!

We are making a film that will be comprised of many smaller stories woven together, and the ideas are coming in thick and fast. But we could always do with more! The stories are based in a Middlesbrough peopled by superheroes and our theme is ‘glamour’, but how you define “glamour” is entirely up to you.

Can you think of a short story involving characters with special powers living in Middlesbrough? Can you bring it along to our next session? See you there!

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