Journeying on the magic carpet

Location: Writers’ Block, Unit 5, Broadcasting House, Newport Road, Middlesbrough. TS1 5DG.
Date: Friday, 25th November 2011
Duration: 10am-1pm
Price: £3 (incl. refreshments)

How do we weave a sense of place into the action of our stories? How much physical description should we include? And what’s the relationship between the characters we write about and the places in which they live, work, eat, sleep and dream? Exploring the role of setting and place in fiction, we’ll go on imaginative journeys that inspire ideas for stories, mine memories for real places that have touched us and consider how they might find their way into our work.

The workshop will be led by Rachel Connor, a former university lecturer and an experienced creative writing tutor who grew up in Middlesbrough. Rachel’s debut novel Sisterwives is published in October by Crocus Books.